Heroes of Algar

Mark of the Banished, Book 1

“This isn’t a battle, it’s a war. A crown war. And I’m determined to win.”

When King Richard of Algar is murdered in his own castle, Lord Ryland, close relative to the throne, is called upon to find the killer and assist Richard’s son, Caspian, in his duties to the throne. Ryland reluctantly accepts the position and postpones his upcoming marriage, hoping to bring the killer to swift justice. But finding the king’s murderer proves difficult, and Ryland watches, horrified, as Prince Caspian crumbles under the pressure of ruling, his instability threatening to destroy the entire kingdom.

Determined to save Algar, Ryland, advised by his wizard cousin, Devin, must decide whether to support the boy or take the throne for himself. But Devin, behind all his magic and smiles, is hiding a secret far darker than Caspian or Ryland could have ever imagined, and Ryland’s loyalties might just get them all killed.

Can Caspian and Ryland come together in time to spare Algar from destruction?

Treasures of the King, Book 2

Long forgotten magic might help Caspian weather the coming storm . . . or it could spell out his kingdom’s doom.

After a coup nearly destroyed his kingdom, King Caspian of Algar isn’t sure who he can trust. So when a woman, scarred from the evil wizard Devin’s dark reign, knocks on the door of his heart, will he let her in? And why do her probing questions disturb High Wizard Charwin so much? Caspian isn’t sure it matters, because no matter what he does, he can’t stop himself for falling for her.

Meanwhile, Ryland and his cousin Devin are working hard to ensure the destruction of “King” Caspian, and they’ll stop at nothing to enact their revenge, even if that means enslaving an entire kingdom to do their bidding. Despite their united goals, Ryland isn’t sure he can rely upon Devin and his non-human family members. Their hatred of humans seems beyond reason, but perhaps there’s a way to ensure their loyalty . . .

As both parties dream up ways to destroy the other, something else is coming, a form of magic that could destroy everything they’ve fought for. Secrets hidden within the castle inhabitants and Algar’s history might help Algar weather the storm . . . or they could spell out the kingdom’s doom.

Will Caspian uncover the truth before it’s too late?