Hello there! Welcome to my website! I’m Salandra Wolfe, and I’m very glad that you’re here! Browse around, find out more about me, and feel free to contact me! I would love to get to know you!

About Me

Hi! I’m Salandra Wolfe! I mostly write fantasy with a hint of romance, but I’ll also try my hand at science fiction every once and a while. Nonfiction? Hah, as if. My nickname is Sally, and if you’re my friend you can call me that. But you’re all my friends, because you’re here! Right?

I come from a very large family. I have three brothers and three sisters. My mother is an author, a pretty famous one at that. I love to write and read, of course. I also like to play the piano and sing, and I’ve been told I’m pretty good at both. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, even if I didn’t always know it. When I was young, my mother would tell me that one day I would become an author, but I didn’t particularly like her predicting how my life was going to go. Well, she was right, just like she’s always right when she predicts the endings to movies.

Yeah, sometimes watching movies with my mom isn’t the greatest.

Anyway, my father is Portuguese, and I have been to Portugal quite a bit. I’m on the road to learning Portuguese, and maybe one day my books will be in Portuguese! Who’s to say?

I’m glad you’re here, and I would love it if you were to check out my blog and my books. I hope that I can become great friends with readers who also love my books! Happy reading, book worms!


Valentine’s Day 2022

January felt like the longest month of my entire life, but now it’s February, and it’s passing so quickly I can’t even catch my breath. I totally didn’t realize today was Valentine’s Day until my sister gave me chocolate. Unfortunately, this means I didn’t have a gift for her or anyone else in the family. …

New Year, New Me

Hello everyone! A lot has happened since I last wrote, which was . . . forever ago, I think. I honestly don’t even remember. Could’ve been two centuries ago, for all I know. Welcome to 2022! You know, 2021 wasn’t too bad. I mean, it was bad, but it wasn’t bad, if you know what …


Heroes of Algar

Mark of the Banished, Book 1

“This isn’t a battle, it’s a war. A crown war. And I’m determined to win.”

When King Richard of Algar is murdered in his own castle, Lord Ryland, close relative to the throne, is called upon to find the killer and assist Richard’s son, Caspian, in his duties to the throne. Ryland reluctantly accepts the position and postpones his upcoming marriage, hoping to bring the killer to swift justice. But finding the king’s murderer proves difficult, and Ryland watches, horrified, as Prince Caspian crumbles under the pressure of ruling, his instability threatening to destroy the entire kingdom.

Determined to save Algar, Ryland, advised by his wizard cousin, Devin, must decide whether to support the boy or take the throne for himself. But Devin, behind all his magic and smiles, is hiding a secret far darker than Caspian or Ryland could have ever imagined, and Ryland’s loyalties might just get them all killed.

Can Caspian and Ryland come together in time to spare Algar from destruction?