So Much Drama

Remember that one time I said my boyfriend and I might break up, but we didn’t? Well, this time it actually happened, for real. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I broke up. I’m not going to get into any details, but considering the fact that we’ve been friends for five years before this, it kind of feels like a waste. Honestly, the only reason it’s upsetting is because for so many years I thought it would work, but then it didn’t. History was kind of the only thing keeping up together in the first place,, actually.

Whatever, I’m sure you don’t want to hear about that. School is in full swing, surprisingly. A lot of my friends guessed that we’d be canceled by now. I’m grateful we haven’t been, because school keeps me busy.

One of my favorite classes is my internship, because I get to intern for my mom. Essentially, that means I get to come home and work on my writing for two hours. It’s pretty amazing.

My car broke down again as I was driving to school, so I’m back to driving my dad’s car. That car has given me so much more trouble than it’s worth.

Okay so, this is unrelated, but my friend group went through a purge recently. I lost everyone that wasn’t very close to me or had any sort of tension with me. It’s not that I purposefully cut them out or anything, it was more like all of us just agreed we didn’t want to be friends anymore. So now my friend group is much smaller, but we’re also a lot closer. I think having close friends is a good thing, because you definitely need some people you can always look to for advice.

Personally, I’d take a few good friends over a lot of distant friends any day.

Well guys, I don’t have any updates on the writing front, but I have stopped receiving spam comments. I’m not sure if my newest round of filtering worked, or if every spam account out there just suddenly decided to stop commenting. Either way, I’m happy about it.

Now, I wish there was a “select all” button so I could delete every comment in my spam folder. Sadly, there isn’t.

That’s all for me today!

Happy reading,


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