Pretty Much Quarantined

Hello everyone! Welcome to Saturday! Yesterday I said, “It’s Friday! Happy Friday!” to one of my friends. She responded with, “Well, yeah, but no one cares because every day is the same now.” Way to totally bring down my mood, Alex. But it is true. Each day is the same as the last. What are you guys doing to keep yourselves sane? I know this has been hard for some people, but I don’t actually mind it all that much.

Online school has been a bit strange. I told Alex this concerning online school, “If you think about it, now school just happens everyday, and we don’t have a break.” She was mad at me after that. For me, it’s been super easy. Are any of you doing online school right now? How are you faring?

So, where I live we aren’t actually quarantined yet, but we’ve been encouraged to keep our gatherings to less than ten people, and most everything has shut down. It was actually made a law for a short time, but the health department made the decision without counsulting the govenor, and he repealed it immediately. On Thursday I had three of my friends over for a pizza party. My sister and her daughter also came to visit, so we had exactly ten people for a little bit. It was almost funny.

I’ve been playing a lot of minecraft with my friends. TikTok has helped distract me. I spent hours today reading. I finished that book, and it was so good. But . . . I woke up with a cough today. No other words for that.

I hope this is over soon, but at the same time I don’t want it to end, because I’m actually enjoying myself. But I’ll probably get tired of it soon. Maybe. I am so introverted I might never get sick of it. Who knows?

I hope you guys are doing good and have all the things that you need. Read lots of books, stay healthy, exercise, and have fun! I’ll see you next week.

Warmest regards,


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