Organized and Flustered

Hello there!

Through the beginning of this year, I was trying out some new things, mostly posting on social media more. I have decided it wasn’t working, and so I’ve pretty much abandoned posting there. I feel a lot less stressed now.

About two weeks ago I created a daily schedule. All of my days are planned now, and it makes me a lot more productive, I think. Actually, I’m not sure if I’m working more, but I’m definitely more focused, and this way I actually eat three meals. The important thing is that I feel more in control.

In the spirit of organization, I organized my massive series notes for Heroes of Algar. It’s about 34,000 words, although almost half of that are scenes that I will delete once I’m sure they’re going to be in the second book. I thought organizing all of that would make me feel better. In fact, I actually feel worse. I’m extremely confused about what I’m going to write after I publish the second book. It’s kind of complicated, and I can’t really explain it without spoiling things, but being an author is hard.

Anyway, next week my aunts and cousins are going to come visit us for the first time since we moved here. Last I heard we’re renting a house at the beach so we can party all day and night. I’m super excited!

My life is pretty boring right now. Mostly I’m staring at a computer all day. My boss gave me a bunch of new things to do, so I’m trying to learn all of that. I respond to emails sometimes for the company, and I got my first frustrated customer today. Although, if people would actually read the emails we send them there would never be an actual problem.

For some reason, my body just really doesn’t like me this year. It started out with a really bad ear infection (which still hasn’t gone away) and then I’ve been assailed by health problem after health problem. Nothing major, really, but pretty inconvenient and frustrating. Like right now, my right eye has an infection, so every time I blink it hurts. Last week it was my left eye. I’m extremely confused as to why my body has decided it hates me.

Other than that, I’ve been getting into the swing of things after the move. I’m settling into life and starting to find my rhythm, which is nice. I hope all of you are doing well. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to chat. 🙂



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