I’m Sick of It

Before we get to what I’m sick of, I just have to say that I don’t remember anything that happened this week other than it sucked pretty bad and I don’t want to go through it again.

So, I believe I told you guys about that guy that I liked, and that said he liked me . . . well, some drama happened, and at this point I don’t know where we’re gonna end up. My pessimistic self believes I probably won’t talk to him anymore after this week. But I guess we’ll see.

The area where I live is starting to open up again with a bunch of restrictions, which is exciting. Maybe soon I won’t have to spend everyday alone with my thoughts. I haven’t read as many books as I really should have.

I’m working on writing the next book in my series while my mom re-reads the first one. I’m so ready for this process to be done. I want to be a full-time author so badly.

We had a very strange freak storm this week. I can’t remember what day it was because all of the days kind of bleed together, but it was insane and really violent. Some of my friends said their houses actually shook when the lighting stuck. It was really short, however, blowing over in about thirty minutes and leaving a brilliant blue sky and shining sun in its wake. It was really weird.

I hope you guys are doing well and that this week wasn’t as bad for you as it was for me. Wish me good luck!

Best regards,


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