I Dug a Hole

That sure is a very random way to start a blog post! But it’s true. Yesterday I helped my dad out in the garden, and I dug a hole for a wooden pole. It was twenty three inches deep, and we filled it up with concrete to make sure the pole would stay. Then my dad told me that we might actually have to take it out. No words, only a pained sigh.

One of my posts has gotten a lot of comments on it. I look through them all, but I’m not sure whether I should reply or not. Most of them appear to be spam that have absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote about. I must say it’s rather funny to laugh about them, because generally the spam comments don’t make any sense. But I have been getting what I think are genuine comments, and I really appreciate them. You guys are the best!

Yesterday my mom and I went to the store. This is the first time in a whole month that I’ve been in a public place. It was really strange, actually. I had heard about how fearful people are of the coronavirus, but I hadn’t actually seen it until then. I was afraid to cough or even breathe for fear of giving them all panic attacks. I did breathe, obviously, but I didn’t cough. My persistent cough has almost completely run its course, which I am so glad about.

Then, yesterday night, my family and I went out to the hot tub. We basked in the warmth of the heated chlorine water, enjoying the fact that our backyard is not only huge, but it also has a pool. We’re very lucky. Spring has finally hit where I live, and my mom thinks we are going to open the pool next week. I’m excited.

Tomorrow is Easter. It feels super strange to me. In other years, I would be at my cousin’s house right now, hunting for eggs and eating delicious food. Instead, my family is having a small party at our house tomorrow, and no cousins will be present. I think it will be fun, but it just doesn’t feel like Easter. I’m shocked that it wasn’t canceled or something. (That’s a joke.)

Hey, look! I’m actually on time this week! I’m impressed with myself. Also, my school is on spring break this week, so I didn’t have to do any school work, which I was really happy with. Have I ever mentioned that I strongly dislike school?

Anyway, let’s hope this worldwide fear will be over soon so we can go back to our normal lives. Have a great Easter!

Your friend,


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