Favorite T.V. Show?

Hey everybody! Lately, I’ve been watching Avatar the Last Airbender with my little sister, who had never seen it before. I love that show so much, and I’ve watched it quite a few times. I was so sad when we finished watching it. However, it’s not my favorite movie/T.V. show. Rise of the Guardians is my favorite movie. And now you know that I like kid shows. Well, it’s not a crime. Besides, they’re more young adult, and that’s what I write, so I guess it makes sense. Anyway, I wonder what your favorite movies/T.V. shows are? Tell me in the comments below!

Now it’s time for what happened to me this week! Well, just barely I realized how to turn comments on in my blog. Hopefully it’ll work on this one too. Maybe I’ll become an expert with a lot of practice. Blogging aside, I became a citizen of Portugal this week! Well, kind of. Let me explain.

I became a citizen a while ago. But I didn’t receive my identity card until this week. For those of us who live in the United States, it’s kind of like a driver’s license, but it doesn’t allow you to drive. It just tells people that you are a Portuguese citizen and have a right to be here. I believe the driver’s license is a separate card that you can get.

Anyway, so that was kind of exciting. They fingerprinted me and everything. That only made me slightly nervous, hah hah. Okay, it made me a lot nervous. Not like I plan to do anything that they’ll need my fingerprints for.

This week my family got in a car and rode up north where we would stay with some of our relatives while we went sight-seeing. As we drove up, we stopped a few times to visit other places that we wanted to see. We got back from our trip up north really late at night on Saturday, which is why this blog post is going out so late. I promise, once I’m off vacation I’ll post regularly.

For any of you that have visited another country, I’m sure that you’ll sympathize with how weird the time difference is. I have to wait for hours after I wake up to talk to anyone back home. And by the time they actually fully wake up and start doing stuff, I’m getting ready for bed. It’s insane, and has made me realize how few hours there are in a day.

Speaking of how little hours there are in a day, I haven’t done much writing lately. Currently, I’m writing the sequel to the book I’ve already written, because I have nothing better to do while I wait for my editors to finish editing it. I know what happens next, but I hit a block in how to get there. But I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. I think the more I struggle to come up with the idea, the better the idea is. That makes sense, right?

Yesterday we saw some friends from back home. Their mother, my “aunt,” is also Portuguese. I’m not exactly sure how she met my mother, but they are really close friends, which is why I tend to call her kids my “cousins.” We’re not actually blood relatives, but I’ve seen them often enough growing up that they feel like they’re part of my family. I’m super glad that I get to hang out with them throughout this next week. Speaking of this next week, it is pretty much the last week that we’ll be in Portugal. That is sure to be interesting.

Remember to tell me what your favorite movies/T.V. shows are! I would love to hear them and see if we have any similar interests!



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