Am I Actually on Time?

Wow, it’s actually Friday today, which means I really am on time.

Look. School starts soon. (Maybe, it might get pushed back.) I plan on going in person, which means I have to start working night shifts at my job. Which–ugh. Okay, yeah, I hate it. Working in the mornings was much more fun, and I miss it. But whatever. Money is money. Except I’m getting scheduled way less because we actually have enough people working there now. Sigh.

That’s a weird thing to complain about.

I started posting YouTube videos everyday. Right now, they’re my leftover TikToks, but eventually they’ll become new videos I’ve filmed. I’m currently trying to get the hang of filming in a different format than I’m used to. I think I’m starting to get there.

Guys, I’m actually so happy right now. Life is good, really good. Yeah, there are some really sucky things going on, but I’ve been able to focus on the good things more, and that’s helped my mood a lot. I’ve been able to hang out with my friends, get more used to being in a relationship, and start working toward my goals.

Oh, speaking of goals. After giving my book to some beta readers, I finally figured out why the first part feels so off. I’m going to fix it sometime this week, then I’ll edit it again, send it to some editors, and we should be way close to publishing it. Gosh, I’m so excited.

Anyway, if you want to see funny videos from me, go subscribe to my YouTube!

And please. Stop leaving spam comments. There’s 259 of them right now, and I’m just too lazy to go through and look at them all. Does anyone have any ideas of how to stop them from coming in? If so, email me, because if you comment it, I will never see it.

Stay Positive!


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